I've already gotten used to talking to my Xbox 360's Kinect to control video playback, but voice control is so fundamental to the Xbox One's design that I've found myself giving orders to the console much more regularly. A week and a half with the thing is enough to have me wondering:

Do I really want this to be the primary way I interact with my entertainment center from now on? Am I going to be talking to my console at all hours of the day and night, sternly using my Kinect Voice at 2AM while the rest of the house is sleeping? Voice control certainly makes it easier to navigate the increasingly labyrinthine menu-options of a modern media center, but it sure does require you to make a lot of noise.Your main style folder is named scss/ and contains app.scss (which has the foundation gem import and commented portions you can pick and choose). Override the Foundation styles within your app.scss file.

This directory also includes _settings.scss, which is used to control variables that help easily style Foundation. You'll also notice that the directory names are slightly different. Compass defaults to "stylesheets", "javascripts", and "image".


You can see the compiled CSS in your stylesheets directory after you manually compile or watch.